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The successful performance of Tiger Lines, LLC, depends upon its’ ability to control loss resulting from bodily injuries, occupational illness, and property damage. The personal safety of each employee at Tiger Lines, LLC is of primary importance. The prevention of accidents is of such importance that it will take precedence over expediency and short cuts.


Safety is top priority in every facet of our organization. Policies implemented by our safety department ensure that our safety conscious drivers and operating staff manage our equipment and cargo with the utmost care.

Awards and Achievements
Tiger Lines’ safety record has been acknowledged through a plaque from National Interstate Insurance Company (NIIC) as one of the top three ranking carriers with regards to safety, out of 43 national trucking companies in their Captive Program for insurance coverage period 2007-2008. On July 28, 2009, Tiger Lines received the maximum of 40 points for their annual safety compliance audit. We are the only company to accomplish this in the history of the Captive Program. In 2009 Tiger was recognized by NIIC as a top performer with “continued dedication to safety.” In 2012 Tiger Lines received ‘The Voyager Risk Safety Award’ by achieving a score of 99 out of 100 on the risk assessment scoring system. Also, in 2013 Tiger Lines received the ‘Partners In Progress Award’ for ongoing investment in continuous safety improvement programs.


Due to Tiger Lines’ comprehensive safety programs and maintenance compliance policies, we have consistently received the California Highway Patrols highest “Satisfactory” safety compliance ratings, as well as, from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. To validate their confidence in Tiger Lines, the CHP has authorized consecutive Certificate of Achievement awards. These awards are given sparingly, to only the most responsible, safety conscience California Trucking Companies.


CHP has also certified Tiger Lines as an Inspection Maintenance Station (IMS). This CHP designation is a great honor and advantage to our company. It allows our own Certified Maintenance Professionals, as an extension of the CHP, to designate IMS inspection equipment “safe,” according to CHP standards. Among other benefits, the IMS inspected equipment will typically allow our drivers to have a free pass through all of the CHP Highway Inspection Facilities.


New Technology and Safety
Automated Event Recorder (AER) devices have been installed in 100% of all power units. The AER has proven to be extremely valuable to provide corrective instruction to our driver or pursue other at-fault parties. Currently, there are only a small group of transportation companies in California employing this technology.


In efforts to further reduce costs, sustain high levels of service, and remain competitive in the marketplace, Tiger Lines uses a GPS and electronic driver log system provided by Samsara. This system tracks truck productivity and provides critical operational feedback. The Samsara system records data related to excessive idling, speeding, high RPMs and hard brakes by tapping into the engine through the ECM plug. Samsara use directly contributes to overall fuel efficiency and safety of all tractors. It indirectly minimizes Tiger’s carbon footprint.


There are, of course, many ancillary benefits to running an aggressive, pro-active safety program. These include reducing our carbon footprint, safety of employees and other drivers. . .

We train our supervisors and dispatchers in safety prevention in order to maintain our high quality safety standards. Our Safety Department reports directly to the owners of the Company. This resolves any conflict or misunderstanding between departments, allowing the Safety Department to work efficiently.


For the past 26 years, Tiger Lines, LLC has maintained a “Satisfactory” safety rating. Also, we were recognized by National Interstate as one of the top three carriers in their Voyager captive program for 2007/2008. There are of course many ancillary benefits to running an aggressive, pro-active safety program. For more information about our Safety Program you can contact:

Jo Vanotti

Safety Manager

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Tiger Lines Safety Program

Every Driver is Trained in the SAFR™

Our safety program begins with each and every driver being trained in the SAFR. The SAFR training is the recognized leader in commercial defensive driver training.

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